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System Dynamics

Simulation tools based on Systems Thinking and System Dynamics

We apply these approaches in real world analysis situations. Please contact us for further information and demos.

Systems thinking, scenario analysis

Modelling and Simulation Tools are nowadays still restricted to the expert audience.The Learn-Act-Lead LoopThe Learn-Act-Lead Loop


Coola is a simple game used to teach the effect of delays between action and reaction.

You have to tackle an emergency situation in a cool storage facility to avoid stock losses. Unless the temperature in the storage room is just around 4ºC, the stock deteriorates.

Please try it using this websim (this may take some time to load):



Simulation and Modelling Tools are even nowadays complex and thus useless to many users, even though the interest in such tools has grown strong.

We develop tools that allow to build any model from the most simple ones to highly complex models. We use these tools for specific analyses like business models and the evolution of ecological and other complex systems. For more information please see the System Dynamics article in this section. We also create client specific simulations and websims based on our simulation engine.


Enterprise Automation Systems

We develop ERP Systems as Integrated Business Solutions built on innovative technologies. Based on the most powerful and flexible frameworks for the creation of ERP Systems, we provide customized IT Solutions including:
  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Business
  • E-Commerce
  • SCM Supply Chain Management
  • MRP Material Requirements Planning
  • MRP II Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • CMMS Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
  • EAM Enterprise Asset Management
  • ECM Enterprise Content Management

MDM Mobile Device Management

MDM is a comprehensive management system for mobile devices, phone lines and all related expenses. Mobile devices are critical elements in today's enterprises, enhancing productivity and enabling fast information interchange. This leads to service charges, cost of acquisition, management and maintenance becoming one of the top components of operating expenses at organizations. MDM focuses on management in these areas:
  • Expense Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Incident Management

Simulation tools

Generic and specific software for complex systems and scenario analysis . Browser based applications and tools. Collaboration People work together toward a common goal, making use of their intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and creative endowments. We provide the tools to teach, practice and analyze cooperative efforts which empower teams and improve their performance in their projects.

Embedded Systems Solutions

Products for embedded systems development.
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