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mobile devices

Incident management

Manage all kinds of incidents, theft, loss, maintenance and repairs.

  • MDM helps to resolve incidents providing an accurate set of control functions and assure that no incidents are left untreated.
  • Track incidents and avoid delays or even loss of devices due to insufficient control.
  • Keep track of device maintenance and identify more reliable models and manufacturers to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs due to unreliable devices.

Inventory management

Track all changes in the enterprise's mobile device environment and control important aspects that can provide important savings:

  • Maintain accurate information about your current and past mobile device inventory.
  • Activate new phone lines, deactivate expired lines, connect employees to lines and devices and disconnect departing employees or reflect changes in device or phone line assignments.
  • Track assignments and avoid theft and fraud.

Procurement management

Manage your enterprise's mobile device and telecom requirements with a specialized and cost saving tool.

  • Efficiently manage the acquisition of new devices and lines.
  • Control new phone lines, deactivate unnecessary lines, connect employees to lines and control usage profiles.
  • Avoid excess costs incurred by unused lines or unnecessary device renewals with instantly available information on usage and expense reports.

Expense Management

Keep your mobile device and telecom budget under control NOW!

Advantages of the MDM Mobile Device Management System

For Administration

Keep track of all mobile devices, lines, users and related data.

  • Save time with efficiently organized and instantly available data including information about persons, user data and roles, positions and departments.
  • Manage devices, models and device assignments.
  • Manage phone numbers and line assignments.
  • Complete incident management and tracking.
  • Organization-wide on-line phone number directory.

MDM Mobile Device Management

MDM is a comprehensive management system for mobile devices, phone lines and all related expenses.

Mobile devices are critical elements in today's enterprises, enhancing productivity and enabling fast information interchange. This leads to service charges, cost of acquisition, management and maintenance becoming one of the top components of operating expenses at organizations.

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