Expense Management

Keep your mobile device and telecom budget under control NOW!

Mobile device and telecom costs are a significant part of an enterprise's expense budget. With a strong tendency towards all-mobile communications it is a part that must be controlled and reduced using the right tool.

  • Expense management is a time-consuming and complicated activity that exceeds feasibility of manual or spreadsheet based control for organizations with as little as 10 mobile devices.
  • Control is often poor or arbitrary with a lack of proper management of historical data and error prone manual processes.
  • Unjustified and uncontrolled expenses occur due to error, fraud, theft and unproductive use of mobile devices and services.
  • Saving opportunities are left unrecognized as a huge pool of data on service charges and expenses is left uncontrolled.

With MDM you can manage device and telecom expenses and process reports for a fraction of the cost that it would take to do the job manually, based on spreadsheets or other generic tools. You even get more in-depth information about your real expenses, enabling you to improve employee compliance with expense policies and negotiate lower rates with telecom providers.

MDM keeps mobile device and telecom costs under control.