Advantages of the MDM Mobile Device Management System

For Administration

Keep track of all mobile devices, lines, users and related data.

  • Save time with efficiently organized and instantly available data including information about persons, user data and roles, positions and departments.
  • Manage devices, models and device assignments.
  • Manage phone numbers and line assignments.
  • Complete incident management and tracking.
  • Organization-wide on-line phone number directory.
  • Easily register and manage mobile device and telecom related expenses.
  • Innovative search and result filter technology.
  • Get instant customized reports on Excel spreadsheets.

For Management

The relevant management information reports are available on information at any level, allowing better and faster decisions to be made.

  • Reports are instantly available on-line and instantly exportable as Excel spreadsheets.
  • Get customized reports with sophisticated filter and sorting mechanisms.
  • Analyze expenses by department and by employee.
  • Easily identify critical issues and expense policy violations.

For the Executive Board

MDM is the right tool to efficiently manage all mobile device and related information and to deploy a cost effective and controlled mobile device and telecom expense policy.

  • Achieve significant savings through a controlled expense policy implementation with MDM.
  • Employees spend less time on mobile device and expense management and more time on their primary responsibilities.

For System Administrators

  • To deploy MDM within your organization's infrastructure requires minimal time and expense. A simple click & deploy installation makes MDM available in a few minutes.
  • We also offer a hosted version of our system which means no in-house resources are needed and zero installation and maintenance to you.
  • Secure SSL-encrypted communications for all data transmissions and user authentication.