About Collaboration ...

Collaboration is a phenomenon where people work together toward a common goal, making use of their intellectual, social, emotional spiritual and creative endowments. Participants contribute to common success by cooperating, sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. When leadership helps to recognize principles, enables shared vision and values, surprising results are achieved, as collaboration does not require management and usually brings better results. Teams that work collaboratively obtain greater material and intellectual resources, earning recognition and reward when facing competition.

We teach collaboration through cooperative games, a concept based on the win-win paradigm that enables team learning and the application of cooperative strategies. Our approach aims to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative activities and we provide the tools to teach, practice and analyze cooperative efforts which empower teams and improve their performance in their projects.

Products and services include

* Branding and adaption of games
* Creation of educational games and tools
* Team cooperation analysis as a service
* Building of team cohesion on intranets
* Organization of events for multiple players
* Trade fare visitor attractions
* Consulting
* Reports
* Seminars
* Infrastructure Deployment and Hosting

For more information, please take a look at the Flowball game on our pages.