Coola is a simple game used to teach the effect of delays between action and reaction.

You have to tackle an emergency situation in a cool storage facility to avoid stock losses. Unless the temperature in the storage room is just around 4ºC, the stock deteriorates.

Please try it using this websim (this may take some time to load):

The only control is a knob at the outside of the storage room, but there are no clues to how its position relates to the temperature in the room. An analogue thermometer shows the temperature of the storage room. Please note that it takes some time for the thermometer to adjust to the room temperature.

Below the knob, an indicator shows how much of the stock is still in good condition. The longer it takes to adjust the temperature, the more stock is lost, so try to minimize the losses by adjusting the temperature to the correct value as soon as possible!

Press the Start button to begin the game.

Try to adjust the knob so that the temperature reaches a stable value around 4ºC.

Press the Stop button to end it and use the Curve button to see a graphical representation of the temperature in the room over time.

There are several adjustable parametres (see also the Help menu in the websim):

* Delay is the delay between action and effect.
* The Initial Room Temperature may be adjusted.
* The Outside Temperature influences the temperature of the room.
* Isolation determines how fast the room will adapt to the outside temperature.
* The Control Factor determines the degree of influence the knob has on the control system.

Further options allow to enable or disable functions:

* Show Factor to display the current control factor according to the knob's position.
* Randomize to shift the control factor range and vary the correct setting for the knob.
* Show accurate temperature enables display of the current room temperature.

References: This websim is inspired by an experiment explained in the book Die Logik des Mißlingens (The Logic of Failure) by Dietrich Dörner.