Simulation and Modelling Tools are even nowadays complex and thus useless to many users, even though the interest in such tools has grown strong.

We develop tools that allow to build any model from the most simple ones to highly complex models. We use these tools for specific analyses like business models and the evolution of ecological and other complex systems. For more information please see the System Dynamics article in this section. We also create client specific simulations and websims based on our simulation engine.

In general, we develop client specific simulations and applications for complex system analysis that help to optimize the use of resources and enable sustainable action through new insights.

We provide an interesting example of a websim game named Coola which teaches that even simple systems show complex behaviour.

Our products and services in this sector also include:

* Learning tools
* Websims - small simulations embedded in web pages
* Analyses and reports for client specific models and simulations
* Simulation based studies