Software Engineering

Tamagos is Software Engineering at its best …

Custom Software Development

We develop custom software and manage projects that produce outstanding results. Our projects are created by teams working in a use case driven software development process, producing software specific to the area of application and tailored to the needs of its users.

An iterative development process that synergistically combines analysis, design, implementation and testing stages, enables us to rapidly produce software prototypes. We acknowledge the importance of an early feedback to our clients in order to create a suitable product. During development, we interact with our client to reach a working and suitable product within a very short amount of time.

Our experts have a broad experience in developing new projects and also in redesign of existing projects that need further development or reengineering.

User Interface Design

Our professionals are experienced in the development of intuitive and easy to use visual interfaces, for applications reaching from scientific data visualization to websites and web-applications or multiplayer games.

Programming Services

Our team members are proficient in the latest technologies and programming paradigms, using .Net, Java, PHP, Javascript, C#, C++, C ... any demanding programming project is welcome to be eagerly taken care of.

Refactoring - Redesign - Reengineering

Time even nags at software … proprietary software needs a facelift, new functionality, updates to meet the standards of newer technologies or even a complete redesign. We provide our knowledge and experience in reworking existing software, to improve on performance, functions, user interfaces and usability.