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We've just launched www.lexxing.com, a social network which brings people together through languages.

About Lexxing ...

Find people

Find friends to practice, as study partners and for language exchange. Post articles in your blog and get feedback from others. Browse members by language and location: Define your locations and languages, then find others easily. You can define lots of different locations. Where you live, study, go on vacation ... You can define locations you will be at later on, so it is easy to find others near the places you will be at, before you even get there!

Help, get help, practice

You are learning a language and would like to get help from others? Find members who know the language you learn or who are learning it as well. Get help with your language exercises and homework. Lexxing is free, just pay it forward by helping others. You can also use Lexxing if you teach a language and want to help your students or find new students.

Write about, talk about, share your pictures

Every member can create blogs posts, albums, forum topics and leave comments. You like to travel and tell about your experiences? How was it there? What have you seen? Tips you might want to provide for others? How is the language you learn? What difficulties do you have? Have you learned any funny expressions or have questions about how one would say something? Recommend a city, place, restaurant, school, a book, ... there are lots of interesting things one can write about places, languages and people.

Lexxing is free

* Create your own language and location profile.
* Find friends all over the world.
* Have your own language blog.
* Share your pictures and videos.
* Leave comments and create open discussions.
* Use the forums to get help.
* Use private messaging to communicate with other members.