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Just enough CRM

Just enough CRM by Francoise Tourniaire is "The decision-maker's guide to competitive advantage with CRM".

The book offers quite a set of resources for executives who either are about to implement CRM in their company or those who want to see changes in their existing CRM.

This is a practical guide which contains good advice including CRM processes and functions.

And yes, you will find one of the most beneficial pieces of advice about CRM right on the first pages: "Despite the tool vendors' claims, CRM technology is not enough for success. It has to be embedded into solid processes." I could not agree more ...

Customer Relationship Management

If there is one and only one book I may choose among the huge sea of books about CRM, then this would be the one. Customer Relationship Management by Kristin Anderson and Carol Kerr is not only enjoyable to read, it provides a great hands-on guide if you would like to teach CRM in your company or to your customers.

At least one headline in the book that you should really take seriously, if you're about to spend a huge X on implementing CRM in your organization is Technology Does Not Equal Strategy.

The many boxes with tips and insights will lighten up your read while you get a deep understanding of CRM Strategy and Management.

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