MDM Mobile Device Management

MDM is a comprehensive management system for mobile devices, phone lines and all related expenses.

Mobile devices are critical elements in today's enterprises, enhancing productivity and enabling fast information interchange. This leads to service charges, cost of acquisition, management and maintenance becoming one of the top components of operating expenses at organizations.

Managing mobile devices and related information on a daily basis is a challenging endeavor at modern enterprises with a substantial amount of mobile device assets.

MDM allows to control expenses and efficiently manage all mobile device resources.

Try the demo here: Get an overview with this online demo, no installation is needed.Try the demo here: Get an overview with this online demo, no installation is needed.

Take control with MDM and increase savings:

  • Optimize mobile telecommunications management.
  • Control expenses related to people, lines and devices.
  • Reduce costs by controlling excess expenses and misuse.
  • Maximize the benefits of mobile device investments: avoid excess acquisition, control unnecessary renewals, identify and benefit from more reliable brands and models, ...

With MDM it's easy to control who uses a device or line, at which location and who used it before. All relevant information is saved and makes it possible to track and review events at any given time.

Track and record any type of incident including theft, loss and repairs. MDM helps to resolve incidents with appropriate control functions. It's easy to to track incidents and avoid delays or even loss of devices due to insufficient control.

A wide variety of reports are available including directories, information about users, devices, incidents, historical data, etc. All reports can be exported to Excel spreadsheets to include in reports or further analyze data. All information is available online and MDM can even be integrated in existing information systems.

MDM is an operational tool that substantially simplifies work. Instead of tediously trying to gather and retrieve information from spreadsheets, loose documents and inadequate databases, all information is managed with the tool and data is always readily and instantly available.

Providing historical data functions that simplify data visualization: relevant information and changes are archived automatically. Daily management focuses on current data while historic data management functions give a wider view. At any given time one may trace the evolution during the complete lifetime of phone lines, devices, persons, incidents and expenses.